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e.b. cotenord

private escapes

Red Flowers

For your eyes

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For your ears

eXXXistential Podcast with e.b. cotenord:
the naked truth of selling dressed up lies


For you alone

 private interactive experiences by the hour

Image by Timo Wagner


eXXXistential Podcast

   The Show

A literary true crime autobiography, he eXXXistential Podcast is ​ a look into the life of a sex worker, behind the scenes in a raw and unabashed, vulnerable and personal way. Host e.b. cotenord discusses her life and insights on sex and the human condition, intimacy and transactional relationships in an honest and unfiltered fashion. E.B. dives deep into what the industry is like and to expose the realities of living her life as a product, as a mother, as a secret, as a fantasy and as a criminal providing an essential service.

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meet e.b.

Image by Roman Khripkov

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e.b. cotenord

Triple threat

turning heads, turning phrases, turning tricks

reigning Anal Queen of Chicago

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