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North Shore Companion

Winter is nigh. The sun tucks itself away early. The darkness, indefatigable. The cold exhales, unwinds and spreads out across the night.

But we are defiant.

We summon warmth as we find our way adeptly through the opaqueness of shadow.

Eschewing the holy, I lead you in prayers tumbling off the peaks of our breath.

Yearning extinguished. An appetite, whetted in the feigned warmth of daylight, is sated. The chill of the night is now a heat, pure, indulgent and borne of intemperance. I sear my image into the backs of your eyelids… the memory of my skin fused into your fingers… the taste of your breath on my lips is the flavor of your salivation.

A smudge of my lipstick lingers on your pillowcase… and as I exit, the darkness and the winds descend in unison upon the night.

The winter may threaten to consume you… but you know where to find me… and when you call, I will be there to stave off the frost.




I am more than just a dream girl.
I am your sweat-soaked wet-sheets wet-dreams awakened in the flesh.

But more than that.
I can turn heads and I can turn a phrase.
I am what brings you to your knees.
My body is your temple, your motivation to pay your tithes

I am the weapons-grade answer to your prayers that God refused to hear.
You can leave your crucifix on

But just know...

if you think you need to come to the Lord,

you may just need to come to me.



sacramental escapes

Incall available in NW suburbs 
Outcall available to Chicago and suburbs
Most suburbs, including suburban incall, require 90 min booking.



1 hour escape

 for the hedonist in a hurry in the city
and North Shore

(North Shore outcall only)


90 minutes

departing to heaven 
(incall in the city and NW burbs, outcall to the city and suburbs


2 hours

whisper your sins into my thighs


3 hours

so far as my power allows and your needs require


4 hours

our bodies given in exchange for divine justice

(available nationally)


8 hours

wash yourself clean and renew your spirit


12 hours

a complete transformation and renewal of the divine


24 hours

dwell in heaven

Couples: 90min minimum +$200/hr

Groups: Package rate + $300/gentleman


Duos, trios + 


*in keeping with catholic tradition, all sacraments are offered to those who prefer to practice their faith through Greek Orthodoxy 

We manage to find each other in the night. You, knowing where I am. Me, being there, shining like a red lit lighthouse.

We don't have to agree on much. We just have to agree on one thing. That we belong together in the hours we are able to find refuge from the world.

When we arrive, angels scatter. When we arrive, sinners avert their eyes.

The sinners don't sin like we do. They live for the exhibition of their desires. Once the spotlight fades, they retreat to a life of social norms and acceptable secrets.

But we thrive when the eyes look away. Our sins exist behind closed drapes and closed doors... driven by the fire in our chests, burning deep within the walls of our hips.

We move toward the recesses of the night. To each other.

When we are out in the world of concrete and human gazes, our common interests leave us invisible to one another.

But here... here we have one goal. And it is each other.

And this is the place where the world has forsaken us. So we indulge in ourselves. Together. Unapologetic in our human desires. Fulfilling the needs of our flesh.

Hands pressed upon glass. Feet bound in down and Egyptian cotton. Thunderstorms erupting inside a 17th floor hotel room.

We create divinity. We are glory. Our heaven is here.




Please include screening information (references, verification site memberships) and preferred date and time as well as session length to arrange an session. 

Screening is always required