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About eb's events

All events are invitation only and have limited space. 


Each event is a unique experience. E.B. loves to provide guests with an intimate, fully immersive and interactive evening with Chicago's top providers. 

Events are adult in nature. Participation in any event activities is optional and level of engagement is at the discretion of the guest and host. Guests are encouraged to participate and engage in whatever way makes them comfortable. 

Screening is required for all events. 

June 11, 2019

e.b.'s birthday soiree

it's e.b.'s birthday! 

This year's event will be hosted at a private location on Chicago's Gold Coast.

e.b. will be entertaining a small group of Chicago-area gentlemen and playing music from her all-time favorite albums.

The theme this year is #AnAlbumParty. 

Gifts are welcome but not expected. Simply bring yourself and be ready to shake some booty.  

June 11, 2019
Chicago's Gold Coast

$400 registration

Register and screen for an invitation to eb's #analbumparty 2019