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best friends

sometimes the only goal is simply to have more
I offer, host, and arrange group escapes
group play can be as intimate or as large as your imagination and desires allow


JPEG image-DECD5C54B65F-1.jpeg

Kennedy Caillouette

my absolute favorite and most requested duo partner

1.5 hr minimum

Marilyn Redd

the girlfriend experience but it's two girlfriends and they do the things your real girlfriend won't do


Pink Sugar

Amethyst Amore

what's better than one milf?

2 hr minimum

Ruby Bell

an enchanting experience with two magical seductresses

2 hr minimum

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MMF fantasy fulfillment at its finest
Slade is a legend


Noah North

making me the hottest of hot wives


Image by engin akyurt
Image by Pablo Heimplatz


my favorite kinky boy toy


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