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September 8-22

I recently learned that a family that I am close to and care about immensely is in dire need. This family consists of a single mom and two school-aged children.

A devastating medical emergency earlier this year left the mom unable to work and quickly depleted her emergency savings.

She’s back at work, but struggling to catch up on past due bills while keeping current on the rest.

At this point, the family is facing the loss of their home, and is currently quietly living with utilities cut. 

I know this family from the work they do within the community. While this mom and her children have been facing homelessness and watching their loved one suffer a painful, life-threatening medical condition, they continued showing up for the community. Donating their time, feeding homeless individuals in the area, and giving whatever they could in physical and emotional resources. 

This woman is gracious and will always accept help offered, but is not prone to reach out for help, insisting that there are people who are hurting more, and need help more urgently, and insisting things will eventually turn around for them. “Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine,” she tells me, “we always are.”

These people have done so much for me, personally, and I’m determined to give them the care and support they’ve so selflessly offered others around them for as long as I’ve known them.

I desperately want to ensure that she is right, things will always end up fine for them. 

For the next two weeks, I am donating myself and my work to them.

And I’m asking for your help.

I am collecting funds for this family, and 100% of everything I collect will go directly to them and their bills.

So this is what I’m offering:

For every $500 in donations collected, I will be giving 1 donor a free one hour session

Any individual donating $500 or more will receive one hour of session time for each $500 donated. (Must complete screening. And can be used in one or multiple sessions)

Donations can be made to cashapp at $ebchicago and alternative payment methods are available, including bitcoin and PayPal. Vanilla Visas are also welcome. Cash donations can be made at a number of gas stations, convenience, grocery, big box and drug store.  Email for alternative payment information